Surge protectors and hard start kits utilizing 3-wire methodology.

Wireless micron gauges and 3/4” hoses designed for evacuation purposes.

Flex duct systems.

Portable leak detectors, combustion analyzers, and refrigerant tools/instrumentation.

Brackets, straps, hangers, pipe clamps, and stud guards.

Flex duct systems.

DiversiTech: Pads, mounting systems, heating products, condensate management, electrical supplies, tools, chemicals, and other general items.

Fresh-Aire UV: Ultraviolet air and coil disinfection to improve IAQ in residential and commercial applications.

WiFi enabled smart thermostats.

Wall vents, roof vents, dampers, caps, and other building products.

Full line of commercial and residential room air conditioners.

High quality duct sealants and mastics.

Brazing alloy and equipment.

Full line manufacturer of line sets; including plain-end, ductless, pre-insulated and fully assembled products.

Louvers, dampers, access doors, & roof curbs.

Metal-Fab provides complete and comprehensive venting solutions to the HVAC, Hearth and Plumbing markets.

RenewAire: Applied ERV and DOAS products featuring static plate core technology.

Soler&Palau: Residential and commercial exhaust & supply fans and ERVs.

Reflective duct insulation products

Full line of various heating and cooling components including controls, sensors, switches, ignitors and valves.

Full line of control wire and mini-split cable.

Spyder® tools are made tough. They’re built to perform under the harshest conditions, time and time again.

Residential and commercial electric heating products including cabinet, baseboard, convectors, and fan heaters.

Gas and oil fired unit heaters, infrared, make-up air units, and duct furnaces.

Ball valves, check valves, pressure relief valves, and other HVACR valve components.

Electric duct heaters, steam-humidifiers, and make-up air units.

Trion: Filters, air cleaners, and humidifiers.

Koch: IAQ products: residential humidifiers & filters.

Nitrogen purge regulators.